Welcome to the FTP server of GWDG. We provide a large variety of project mirrors, featuring primarily open source software. Currently, ftp.gwdg.de is an entry point to over 50 TiB of regularly updated data. We not only provide fast local access to it from Göttingen (Germany), but also proudly serve users from all over the world.

In case of comments or questions, please contact us via GWDG Support. We also provide some more information, currently in German only, in our Wiki.

This server, ftp.gwdg.de, replaces the familiar ftp5.gwdg.de. If you find any regressions please don't hesitate and contact us.

GWDG is a joint facility of Göttingen University and the Max Planck Society. It is the university's computing centre and a computing and IT competence centre for the Max Planck Society. More...

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Mirrored Projects

Below you will find a list of all mirrored sites. Items in grey are not synchronized at the moment, as there is either a temporary problem with the upstream or the original project is deprecated. Such items will remain as archives.

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Project Categories Directory Source Update every
Root Directory - /pub ancient.times -
3dldf program graphics /pub/gnu2/3dldf/ 12 h
adobe program /pub/misc/acrobatreader ftp.adobe.com 12 h
amanda /pub/linux/amanda 12 h
Analog - logfile analyzer program /pub/linux/analog rsync.chiark.greenend.org.uk 12 h
Apache program /pub/linux/apache www.apache.org 12 h
apt4rpm /pub/linux/misc/apt4rpm 12 h
Arch Linux os linux /pub/linux/archlinux rsync.archlinux.org 3 h
archserver /pub/linux/archserver 12 h
bankix os linux /pub/linux/bankix push
boombox /pub/misc/boombox 12 h
brexx lang /pub/languages/rexx/brexx linux01.gwdg.de 12 h
avm-isdn /pub/misc/isdn/avm/cardware 12 h
ccux /pub/linux/ccux/ 12 h
cdda2wav /pub/linux/misc/cdda2wav 12 h
cdrecord program /pub/misc/cdrecord #ftp.fokus.gmd.de 12 h
CentOS Project linux /pub/linux/centos ftp.tu-chemnitz.de 12 h
cert.dfn program /pub/cert.dfn ftp.cert.dfn.de 12 h
clienux os linux /pub/linux/clienux linux01.gwdg.de 12 h
cm206 /pub/linux/cdrom/drivers/cm206 12 h
conferences lbl.gov docs /pub/misc/conferencing/ftp.ee.lbl.gov ftp.ee.lbl.gov 12 h
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network repo /pub/languages/perl/CPAN cpan-rsync.perl.org 12 h
Comprehensive R Archive Network program repo /pub/misc/cran cran.r-project.org 4 h
Comprehensive TeX Archive Network repo /pub/ctan rsync.dante.ctan.org 6 h
ct.p program /pub/magazine/ct.p ftp.uni-paderborn.de 12 h
pascal-cwi /pub/languages/pascal/cwi.nl 12 h
redhat os linux /pub/misc/sources.redhat.com sourceware.org 12 h
damnsmall /pub/linux/damnsmall/ 12 h
Debian Backports repo /pub/linux/debian/backports ftp.de.debian.org 12 h
Debian CD os linux /pub/linux/debian/debian-cd ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de 12 h
Debian os linux /pub/linux/debian/debian ftp.inf.tu-dresden.de 4 h
Debian Gibraltar repo /pub/linux/debian/gibraltar ftp.inf.tu-dresden.de 12 h
InstantAFS program fs /pub/linux/debian/instantafs transfer.cbs.mpg.de 12 h
debian-non-US /pub/linux/debian/debian-non-US 12 h
Debian Security repo /pub/linux/debian/debian-security security.debian.org 1 h
Linux Deepin os linux /pub/linux/linuxdeepin/deepin rsync.linuxdeepin.com 12 h
Linux Deepin os linux /pub/linux/linuxdeepin/releases rsync.linuxdeepin.com 12 h
Linux Deepin os linux /pub/linux/linuxdeepin/server rsync.linuxdeepin.com 12 h
dell-git /pub/linux/dell/git.old 12 h
Dell Linux repo repo /pub/linux/dell/repo linux.dell.com 12 h
Dislin program /pub/misc/grafik/dislin push
djgpp /pub/msdos/gcc/djgpp 12 h
donald.becker /pub/linux/misc/donald.becker 12 h
easyVDR os /pub/linux/easyvdr rsync.easy-vdr.de 12 h
eiffel /pub/languages/eiffel/dos 12 h
elsa program /pub/misc/elsa ftp.elsa.de 12 h
emacspeak /pub/emacs/emacspeak 12 h
emil /pub/misc/emil 12 h
EMIS data /pub/EMIS ftp.emis.de 12 h
gnu-es /pub/gnu2/es 12 h
gnu-exim /pub/gnu2/exim 12 h
fbo-wp /pub/wikipedia/mobile/ 12 h
Fedora EPEL os linux /pub/linux/fedora/epel ftp-stud.fht-esslingen.de 6 h
Fedora os linux /pub/linux/fedora/linux ftp-stud.fht-esslingen.de 6 h
fido /pub/linux/fido 12 h
fli4l program /pub/linux/misc/fli4l ftp.cs.tu-berlin.de 12 h
fosdem /pub/linux/suse/FOSDEM/ 12 h
FreeBSD os bsd /pub/FreeBSD ftp1.de.freebsd.org 12 h
freedb /pub/misc/freedb/ 12 h
freedos /pub/misc/freedos 12 h
freesbie /pub/misc/freesbie/ 12 h
tux-gis /pub/linux/freegis/ftp.tux.org 12 h
Fuduntu os /pub/linux/fuduntu packages.fuduntu.org at 1,9 h
Funet ax24 docs /pub/linux/misc/ax25 ftp.funet.fi 12 h
Funet crypt docs /pub/misc/crypt ftp.funet.fi 12 h
Funet ftpd docs /pub/misc/ftpd.funic ftp.funet.fi 12 h
Funet docs /pub/linux/funet ftp.funet.fi 12 h
Funet lang docs /pub/languages/funet.fi ftp.funet.fi 12 h
Funet math docs /pub/math/funet ftp.funet.fi 12 h
Funet miranda docs /pub/languages/miranda/funet.fi ftp.funet.fi 12 h
Funet netlog docs /pub/linux/misc/netlog ftp.funet.fi 12 h
Funet tiger docs /pub/linux/misc/tiger ftp.funet.fi 12 h
funktronics program /pub/linux/misc/funktronics ftp.funktronics.ca 12 h
Gamesknoppix os linux /pub/linux/misc/gamesknoppix ftp.uni-kl.de 12 h
ganymede /pub/misc/ganymede ftp.arlut.utexas.edu 12 h
gazette /pub/linux/misc/gazette 12 h
GNU Compiler Collection compiler /pub/misc/gcc gcc.gnu.org 12 h
Gentoo Linux os linux /pub/linux/gentoo ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de 1 h
Gentoo Portage repo /pub/linux/gentoo/gentoo-portage rsync6.de.gentoo.org 12 h
gfs program /pub/linux/misc/gfs ftp.sistina.com 12 h
ghost /pub/misc/ghostscript 12 h
GIMP programs graphics /pub/grafik/gimp ftp.fau.de 12 h
GNOME programs desktop /pub/linux/gnome ftp.gnome.org 12 h
GNOME Slackware Build program /pub/linux/slackware/gsb rsync.slackware.org.uk 12 h
gnoppix /pub/linux/gnoppix 12 h
GNU ftp doc /pub/gnu/ftp mirrors.ibiblio.org 12 h
GnuPG program /pub/misc/gnupg/ftp ftp.gnupg.org 12 h
gnupg-www-raw /pub/misc/gnupg/www-raw 12 h
GNU www doc /pub/gnu/www mirrors.ibiblio.org 12 h
gonicus program /pub/linux/gonicus oss.gonicus.de 12 h
gordux /pub/linux/gordux/ 12 h
gramps /pub/linux/gramps/ 12 h
grass /pub/linux/freegis/grass 12 h
Grml Live Linux os linux /pub/linux/grml grml.gwendoline.at 12 h
Project Gutenberg doc /pub/misc/gutenberg ftp.ibiblio.org 12 h
handhelds /pub/linux/handhelds 12 h
heimdal /pub/misc/heimdal ftp.pdc.kth.se 12 h
heise program /pub/magazine ftp.heise.de 12 h
helau /pub/linux/mediaportal/helau 12 h
hungry /pub/linux/misc/hungry 12 h
idsoftware program /pub/misc/ftp.idsoftware.com ftp.idsoftware.com 12 h
sgml2 /pub/sgml/ifi.uio.no 12 h
infortrend program /pub/misc/infortrend/ftp.infortrend.com ftp.infortrend.com 12 h
instant-grid /pub/linux/instant-grid 12 h
intevation /pub/linux/intevation 12 h
ippp /pub/misc/isdn/linux/ippp 12 h
iPup os linux /pub/linux/ipup download.tuxfamily.org 12 h
isdn4linux /pub/misc/isdn/linux/isdn4linux 12 h
isdnlog /pub/misc/isdn/linux/isdnlog 12 h
isis-ub64 /pub/misc/isis/x86-64_linux_UBUNTU/ 12 h
isis-d /pub/misc/isis/isis3data/ 12 h
isis-de64 /pub/misc/isis/x86-64_linux_DEBIAN/ 12 h
isis-fe64 /pub/misc/isis/x86-64_linux_FEDORA/ 12 h
isis-osx /pub/misc/isis/x86-64_darwin_OSX/ 12 h
isis-osx-old /pub/misc/isis/x86_darwin_OSX_old/ 12 h
isis-r664 /pub/misc/isis/x86-64_linux_RHEL6/ 12 h
isis-rh32-old /pub/misc/isis/x86_linux_RHEL_old/ 12 h
isis-rh64-old /pub/misc/isis/x86-64_linux_RHEL_old/ 12 h
isis-su11-64 /pub/misc/isis/x86-64_linux_SUSE11 12 h
gnu-ispell /pub/gnu2/ispell 12 h
iss /pub/misc/iss 12 h
iwfmdh /pub/gnu2/iwfmdh/ 12 h
jacklab /pub/linux/misc/jacklab/ 12 h
Java black linux /pub/languages/java/linux ftp.tux.org 12 h
jolicloud /pub/linux/jolicloud/ 12 h
jolinux /pub/linux/jolinux 12 h
journal /pub/linux/misc/journal 12 h
k12linux /pub/misc/k12linux 12 h
k12ltsp /pub/misc/k12linux/ltsp 12 h
kde-extra /pub/linux/kde/extrafiles/ 12 h
KDE program desktop /pub/linux/kde master.kde.org 8 h
Linux Kernel Archives program /pub/linux/kernel.org rsync.kernel.org 12 h
Keysoft os linux /pub/linux/keysoft mirror.js-webcoding.de 12 h
Knoppix os linux /pub/linux/knoppix ftp.uni-kl.de 12 h
Knoppix DVD os linux /pub/linux/knoppix/dvd ftp.uni-kl.de 12 h
kolab /pub/linux/kolab/ 12 h
geophys-kpap /pub/geophys/kp-ap ftp.gfz-potsdam.de 12 h
lcc program /pub/languages/lcc ftp.cs.princeton.edu 12 h
Linux Documentation Project doc /pub/misc/LDP ftp.ibiblio.org 12 h
leased /pub/misc/isdn/linux/leased-line 12 h
lede os linux /pub/linux/lede downloads.lede-project.org 24 h
lesstif /pub/linux/lesstif 12 h
LibreOffice - tdf program /pub/tdf rsync.documentfoundation.org 6 h
lincks /pub/linux/databases/lincks 12 h
lineo program /pub/linux/lineo ftp.lineo.com 12 h
/pub/linux/linuxdeepin 12 h
linuxdeepin-server /pub/linux/linuxdeepin/deepin-server 12 h
linux-magazin program /pub/linux/linux-magazin ftp.linux-magazin.de 12 h
linux.org.uk data /pub/linux/misc/linux.org.uk ftp.linux.org.uk 12 h
linvdr program /pub/linux/misc/linvdr ftp.linvdr.org 12 h
lm_sensors /pub/linux/misc/lm-sensors 12 h
locus program /pub/www/locus linux01.gwdg.de 12 h
lua /pub/languages/lua 12 h
lvm2 program /pub/linux/misc/lvm2 ftp.sistina.com 12 h
lvm program /pub/linux/misc/lvm #linux.msede.com 12 h
lysator /pub/linux/nis/lysator 12 h
Mageia os linux /pub/linux/mageia distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr 4 h
mandrivalinux /pub/linux/mandriva/mandrivalinux/ 12 h
mandriva-plf /pub/linux/mandriva/mandriva-plf 12 h
mandrivauser program /pub/linux/mandriva/mandrivauser ftp.mandrivauser.de 12 h
mars_nwe program /pub/linux/misc/mars_nwe linux01.gwdg.de 12 h
mbone program /pub/misc/conferencing/mbone ftp.isi.edu 12 h
mcafee /pub/misc/mcafee 12 h
mcc /pub/linux/install/mcc 12 h
iwfmdh /pub/gnu2/metaexchange 12 h
metalab /pub/linux/metalab 12 h
mgetty /pub/linux/misc/mgetty 12 h
mint-d /pub/linux/debian/mint/debian-repositories/ 12 h
Mint os linux /pub/linux/debian/mint ftp.heanet.ie 12 h
Mint Packages repo /pub/linux/debian/mint/packages rsync-packages.linuxmint.com 12 h
miranda1 /pub/languages/miranda/sunet.se 12 h
mix /pub/x11/mix 12 h
Mondo Rescue program /pub/linux/misc/mondorescue www.mondorescue.org 12 h
mosix /pub/linux/misc/mosix 12 h
mpack /pub/misc/mpack 12 h
mulinux /pub/linux/mulinux 12 h
mutt program /pub/linux/misc/mutt/international ftp.gnupg.org 12 h
mysql program /pub/linux/mysql rsync.mysql.com 12 h
ncsa-telnet program /pub/msdos/ncsa-telnet ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu 12 h
nessus program /pub/linux/misc/nessus linux01.gwdg.de 12 h
netfilter (ftp) program /pub/linux/misc/netfilter/ftp rsync.netfilter.org 12 h
netfilter (www) doc /pub/linux/misc/netfilter/www ftp.netfilter.org 12 h
netscape6 program /pub/misc/netscape/netscape6 # ftp.surfnet.nl 12 h
netscape7 program /pub/misc/netscape/netscape7 ftp.netscape.com 12 h
netscape-comm program /pub/misc/netscape/communicator #ftp-de1.netscape.com 12 h
nokubuntu /pub/linux/debian/nokubuntu/ 12 h
gnu-nvi /pub/gnu2/nvi 12 h
n-view /pub/misc/n-view 12 h
oberon-ch program /pub/languages/oberon/ftp.inf.ethz.ch ftp.ethoberon.ethz.ch 12 h
ooodev /pub/misc/ooodev/ 12 h
openafs program /pub/linux/misc/openafs openafs.org 12 h
openandromaps data osm /pub/misc/openstreetmap/openandromaps at 5 h
opencores-cgi /pub/misc/opencores/cgi-bin 12 h
opencores-cvs /pub/misc/opencores/cvs 12 h
opencores /pub/misc/opencores/cores 12 h
opencores-ml /pub/misc/opencores/ml-archive 12 h
opencores-www /pub/misc/opencores/www 12 h
opengroup program /pub/misc/opengroup ftp.opengroup.org 12 h
Openmoko os linux /pub/linux/openmoko downloads.openmoko.org 12 h
openoffice-archived /pub/openoffice/archive/ 12 h
openoffice /pub/openoffice/ 12 h
openpkg-web /pub/linux/openpkg/openpkg-web 12 h
openpkg-cvs /pub/linux/openpkg/openpkg-cvs 12 h
openpkg-ftp /pub/linux/openpkg/openpkg-ftp 12 h
opensource-cd /pub/misc/opensource-cd/x 12 h
openstreetmap-aio /pub/misc/openstreetmap/download.openstreetmap.de/aio/ 12 h
openstreetmap-gosmore /pub/misc/openstreetmap/download.openstreetmap.de/gosmore/ 12 h
openstreetmap-navipowmmaps /pub/misc/openstreetmap/download.openstreetmap.de/navipowmmaps/ 12 h
OpenSuse Education os linux /pub/opensuse/education doozer.poeml.de 12 h
OpenSuse os linux /pub/opensuse stage.opensuse.org 3 h
OpenSuse Repositories repo /pub/opensuse/repositories stage.opensuse.org push
open-xchange /pub/linux/open-xchange/ 12 h
Oracle Linux os linux /pub/linux/oracle ftp.linux.org.uk 12 h
OSM geofabrik.de data osm /pub/misc/openstreetmap/download.geofabrik.de rsync.geofabrik.de at 1,9 h
OSM openmtbmap data osm /pub/misc/openstreetmap/openmtbmap 12 h
OSM Planet data osm /pub/misc/openstreetmap/planet.openstreetmap.org planet.openstreetmap.org 12 h
OSM OpenSeaMap data osm /pub/misc/openstreetmap/openseamap golf.franken.de 12 h
OSM teddynetz.de data osm /pub/misc/openstreetmap/teddynetz.de openstreetmap.teddynetz.de 4 h
OSM Wanderkarte data osm /pub/misc/openstreetmap/wanderkarte blackjack.wanderreitkarte.de 12 h
OTRS ticket system program /pub/linux/otrs ftp2.otrs.org 12 h
PackMan program /pub/linux/packman links2linux.de 4 h
xerox-nv /pub/misc/conferencing/parcftp.xerox.com 12 h
pdksh /pub/linux/misc/pdksh 12 h
people /pub/linux/people/ 12 h
PGP program /pub/misc/pgp ftp.pgpi.com 12 h
postgresql program /pub/misc/pgsql rsync.postgresql.org 12 h
picturebook program /pub/linux/misc/picturebook mirror.samba.org 12 h
pine /pub/gnu2/pine 12 h
pisilinux os linux /pub/linux/pisilinux/2.0-stable ciftlik.pisilinux.org 12 h
polippix /pub/linux/polippix/ 12 h
porteus /pub/linux/porteus/ 12 h
postfix /pub/misc/postfix 12 h
ppdd /pub/linux/misc/ppdd 12 h
pureos /pub/linux/debian/pureos 12 h
qddb /pub/linux/databases/qddb 12 h
radreisekarte program /pub/misc/openstreetmap/radreisekarte/ aighes.de 12 h
Raspbian os linux /pub/linux/debian/raspbian archive.raspbian.org 4 h
gnu-rc /pub/gnu2/rc 12 h
Redhat Updates os linux /pub/linux/redhat/updates ftp-stud.fht-esslingen.de 12 h
rfc-i docs /pub/rfc/internet-drafts ftp.isi.edu 12 h
RFC doc /pub/rfc 12 h
rocklinux /pub/linux/rocklinux 12 h
roxen /pub/misc/roxen 12 h
rpmfusion /pub/linux/rpmfusion/ 12 h
rtfm program /pub/rtfm rtfm.mit.edu 12 h
Samba program fs /pub/samba mirror.samba.org 12 h
sapdb program /pub/misc/sapdb ftp.sap.com 12 h
Scientific Linux os linux /pub/linux/scientificlinux/scientific rsync.scientificlinux.org 12 h
sec_tel /pub/misc/secure_telnet 12 h
serial_suite /pub/linux/comms/serial_suite 12 h
sgml3 program /pub/sgml/lysator.liu.se ftp.lysator.liu.se 12 h
siegfried2 /pub/linux/siegfried/ 12 h
Slackware Linux os linux /pub/linux/slackware slackware.org.uk 4 h
gnu-smail /pub/gnu2/smail 12 h
smoothwall program /pub/linux/misc/smoothwall ftp.demon.co.uk 12 h
soad /pub/linux/soad 12 h
solucorp /pub/linux/misc/solucorp 12 h
Solusos os linux /pub/linux/debian/solusos solusos.com 12 h
Sphire science program /pub/misc/sphire push
ssh /pub/misc/ssh 12 h
ssl /pub/linux/misc/ssl 12 h
smalltalk2 /pub/languages/smalltalk/st.cs.uiuc.edu 12 h
suse01-dosemu program /pub/linux/suse/ftp.dosemu.org linux01.gwdg.de 12 h
SUSE discontinued os linux /pub/linux/suse/discontinued ftp.suse.com 12 h
suse-ftp4-people /pub/linux/suse/ftp.suse.com/people 12 h
suse-ftp4-projects /pub/linux/suse/ftp.suse.com/projects 12 h
suse-ftp4-suse /pub/linux/suse/ftp.suse.com/suse 12 h
suse /pub/linux/suse/ 12 h
suse-kernel /pub/linux/suse/ftp.suse.com/projects/kernel/ 12 h
SUSE os linux /pub/linux/suse/ftp.suse.com ftp.suse.com 6 h
suse.noz-i386 /pub/linux/suse/ftp.suse.com/suse/i386 12 h
suser-crauch /pub/linux/misc/suser-crauch 12 h
suser-drcux /pub/linux/misc/suser-drcux/ 12 h
suser-gbv /pub/linux/misc/suser-gbv 12 h
suser-guru /pub/linux/misc/suser-guru 12 h
suser-guru-p /pub/linux/misc/suser-guru/rpm/packages 12 h
Suse Repo jengelh repo /pub/linux/misc/suser-jengelh jftp.inai.de 12 h
suser-jmorris /pub/linux/misc/suser-jmorris 12 h
suser-kpietrz /pub/linux/misc/suser-kpietrz 12 h
suser-liviudm /pub/linux/misc/suser-liviudm/ 12 h
suser-oc2pus /pub/linux/misc/suser-oc2pus 12 h
suser-rschulz /pub/linux/misc/suser-rschulz 12 h
suser-rw /pub/linux/misc/suser-rw 12 h
suser-sbarnin /pub/linux/misc/suser-sbarnin 12 h
suser-scorot /pub/linux/misc/suser-scorot 12 h
suser-tcousin /pub/linux/misc/suser-tcousin 12 h
syslinux /pub/linux/install/sys/ 12 h
Tails os linux /pub/linux/tails rsync.torproject.org 4 h
tcl-berlin program /pub/x11/tcl/ftp.fu-berlin.de ftp.fu-berlin.de 12 h
reports-nyu /pub/languages/nyu.edu/tech-reports 12 h
tma /pub/msdos/tma 12 h
troll-source /pub/linux/troll/qt/source 12 h
troll /pub/linux/troll 12 h
troll-qsa-source /pub/linux/troll/qsa/source 12 h
troll-snapshots /pub/linux/troll/qt/snapshots 12 h
tux /pub/linux/tux 12 h
tux-gis /pub/misc/freegis/ftp.tux.org 12 h
Ubuntu CD os linux /pub/linux/debian/ubuntu/iso rsync.releases.ubuntu.com 12 h
Ubuntu os linux /pub/linux/debian/ubuntu archive.ubuntu.com 12 h
videotext /pub/linux/misc/videotext 12 h
gnu-vm /pub/gnu2/vm 12 h
vogl /pub/misc/grafik/vogl 12 h
w3c /pub/misc/ftp.w3.org 12 h
wendzel /pub/linux/wendzel/ 12 h
wget /pub/linux/misc/wget 12 h
wikipedia nintendo /pub/wikipedia/nintendo/ 12 h
wikipedia DVD /pub/wikipedia/DVD 12 h
wu-ftpd program /pub/misc/wu-ftpd/ftp.wu-ftpd.org ftp.wu-ftpd.org 12 h
wu-ftpd.landfield program /pub/misc/wu-ftpd/ftp.landfield.com ftp.landfield.com 12 h
xfce4 /pub/linux/misc/xfce4 12 h
xfree86 /pub/xfree86/XFree86 12 h
xfs /pub/linux/misc/xfs 12 h
x.org /pub/x11/x.org/ 12 h
xorp-releases /pub/misc/xorp/releases 12 h
xorp /pub/misc/xorp 12 h
yavdr program /pub/linux/yavdr yavdr.de 12 h
ygl /pub/gnu2/ygl 12 h
yoper /pub/linux/yoper 12 h