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Version 2.2, April 2012

Some simple macros for preparing presentations in TeX
Copyright 2010-2012 Matthias Meister
Distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License

holds the macros, and is simply \input in a file

is a presentation on present.tex done with the macros

is the corresponding source; together with the pdf it 
is an example of how the macros are used to prepare a talk.

Required: pdftex

The macros in present.tex allow the user to:
+) set a colour for the background and for the text
+) set background images
+) include links between parts of the presentation
+) include weblinks
+) include links to local files
+) include images
+) show slides incrementally

The macros as such are simple enough so that users should
not find it difficult to adapt them to their needs. 

A documentation for pdftex and the PDF-Reference might 
occasionally be useful in the context of those macros 
which have PDF-code in their replacement text.


From 2.1 to 2.2:

Added macros \Frames, \endFrames, \onframe, \afterframe,
\beforeframe to support the incremental showing of a slide
as a sequence of frames.

The additional source file present-transitions.tex
contains macro definitions which allow to use transition 
effects between slides / frames. 

From 2.0 to 2.1:

Fixed a bug which caused complaints about unknown 
operators 0.0RG and 0.0rg with some pdf-viewers.

From 1.0 to 2.0:

*) An image can be set on the slide background.
*) Added control word \rm for using roman type 
   at correct size within math.
*) Rewritten colour support; miniltx.tex, color.tex, 
   color.sty no longer required. As a result, control
   sequences for handling colour have changed.