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By Jim Dennis, Jason Creighton, Chris G, Karl-Heinz, and... (meet the Gang) ... the Editors of Linux Gazette... and You!

We have guidelines for asking and answering questions. Linux questions only, please.
We make no guarantees about answers, but you can be anonymous on request.
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¶: Greetings From Heather Stern

(¶) Greetings from Heather Stern

Hello folks, things are a bit hectic over here at Ye Olde Answer Gang. It's been a complete madhouse - no wait, an incomplete madhouse -

Just check out the Lifehacks we have this month. Hopefully, they'll keep your life less tangled than ours. For the moment, we're saving up our Tips and our threads; the trials and the tribulations of The Answer Gang will be back next month, after we get the backhoes rolled away, and the forklifts are gone... Sorry for the dust, folks.

There's a friend of mine who says "when tech does poorly, buy stocks in raw materials for construction." After all, we know the backhoe is the real enemy of the internet! I wonder if it's time to sell those puppies - it looks like things in the tech world are pretty much looking up. Not necessarily all at once - but certainly, there are signs of Spring. Renewal is here, there are random() seeds everywhere. We're getting to the /root of things (with a bit of hack and /-ing, true). Duck season, wabbit season... allergy season.

Ok, enough of that, I'm hiding indoors and doing programming until Summer. :) Share drinks with your friendly local bartender in the TAG lounge, and this is what you get:

Happiness is like water. It might come back as rain, but it's always there if you look for it.

Diving into something new, or coming out of deep waters? Sploosh. Remember to protect your silicate buddies from the elements. See you next month, folks! :)

p.s. Yes, we do celebrate April Fools Day around here. Please send us any Foolish Things You Did With Your Computer for a special run in next month's issue. Any particularly yummy Answers you have discovered, are also welcome; by this means you, too, can join The Answer Gang! Send your submissions to: tag .at. linuxgazette.net - Thanks!

p.p.s. Yes, questions are good too, we're always eager to answer you. Well, almost always. We don't guarantee an answer (tho stumpers are likely to land in Help Wanted). However - please don't ask us things you don't want published - the Gang's not a private place. But you can be anonymous, you only need to ask that too. -- Heather

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Published in Issue 113 of Linux Gazette, April 2005

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