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September 2005 (#118):

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Note: Guido Socher is bidding "goodbye" to the LinuxFocus project.

	After many years of very interesting work with LinuxFocus I (Guido
	Socher) will leave the project. It is difficult step because
	LinuxFocus was once my passion and hobby, so there are a lot of
	feelings involved, but I can't do it forever.

	I will move on to http://tuxgraphics.org. The recently started
	series on microcontroller programming will continue at

	There are a number of people who are willing to continue
	LinuxFocus. Write to new(at)linuxfocus.org if you want to join
	them. They need both people and hardware.

	During the transition LinuxFocus will stay online. To avoid that
	the existing site becomes unavailable while possible restructuring
	is ongoing the new team will settle first at new.linuxfocus.org (We
	will link to it once this site is available). LinuxFocus has 12964
	files therefore this seems the best solution.

	I wish the new team good luck and a problem free start.

	Guido Socher

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