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¶: Greetings From Heather Stern
(!)LILO problem whith dual linux boot on seperate drives
(!)filter out spam and viruses
(!)The One Remaining (non-Depracated) Use for rsh

(¶) Greetings from Heather Stern

Greetings, everyone. It's another day, another penguin over here at The Answer Gang. I'm sorry there are only three messages this time but I think you'll find them juicy.

Statistics - there were about 460 messages - and almost none of that was spam thanks to Dan Wilder's hard work keeping the list on a leash. I'd say the most common reason to not get an answer or merely get grumped at instead of seeing a useful answer, would be to combine the twin errors of using HTML based mail, and not telling us what few things you've looked up first. We can do much better at translating technese to English than we can do at translating confused-fuzziness to a technical question.

You folks had a gazillion good tips out there and I'm digging myself out from under them right now. [Imagine: a computer workroom filled with little grey envelopes filled with pennies all gabbing about little Linux tidbits. It's quite a chatterbox.]

But that's hardly fair. The real reason I'm running late and a few pennies short is that I've been working really hard on the upcoming LNX-BBC. It's gonna be this year's membership card for the Free Software Foundation. I mean, if you're not a member then perhaps you should be anyway... but this is a definite plus. It's still a toy for experts though. More on cool toys for "the rest of us" in upcoming months. There are lots and lots of good projects out there.

[It wasn't all Heather's fault. Our FTP server played a game of "let's not but pretend we did", accepting Heather's Answer Gang upload but not storing it. Bad FTP daemon, bad! It also has been dying the past few days, which Dan has been combating via upgrades and logfile analysis. At one point logrotate was dying and taking the daemon down with it. -Iron.]

Have fun!

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