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The following sites all over the world have volunteered their resources to host Linux Gazette and to translate it into other languages. [WWW] sites are for on-line reading; [FTP] sites contain the LG in downloadable *.tar.gz format. Please choose a site near you.

Official Linux Gazette Site

Linux Gazette

Foreign Language Translations

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Note: LG does not endorse specific translations as being official; they're independent projects. However, we gratefully acknowledge all translations and list those we know about here.

If you would like to help translate LG articles, contact the coordinator of your language's translation team, and don't forget to to subscribe to the list. If there is no version of LG in your language, start one! Be sure to fill out and email us the form in the README.mirrors file; you'll be listed as the coordinator for your language. If you'd like to help translating from your language into English, contact the editor, and we'll let you know when the mail comes in.

Country Index

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Mirroring Linux Gazette

If you would like to mirror Linux Gazette yourself, a complete directory tree and the FTP subtree are available via rsync from our main site; basic instructions for set up are in the README.mirrors file. Please be sure to notify us when you do; your URLs will be posted here and your name will be added to the lg-mirrors (very low traffic) list. See README.mirrors for details.

If you have sent information about your mirror site and it doesn't yet appear on this list or is incorrect, please resend the info. Mail has been known to get lost, and typing fingers have been known to wander. Also, be careful that you type the full URL and the e-mail address correctly. If I can't find your site, I'll be writing you before adding it to the list.

Be sure to subscribe to our announcement service. Write to lg-announce-request with the word subscribe in the body, so that each month you will receive an e-mail notice when we post the latest issue.

Linux Gazette Front Page

Maintained by Ben Okopnik of Linux Gazette

The flag images on this page are provided courtesy of Mooney's MiniFlags. These flag images are licensed for use with Linux Gazette and for non-commerical sites only. For commercial use, please contact Edward Mooney at the above link.