Abdul Karim Bangura is a Corresponding Editor for the Nexus Network Journal.

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Abdul Karim Bangura
Corresponding Editor, Nexus Network Journal

Areas of study: African Architecture and Computational Mathematics
Geographic area: Eastern North America

Abdul Karim BanguraAbdul Karim Bangura holds a B.A. in International Studies, an M.A. in International Affairs, a Graduate Diploma in the Social Sciences (Stockholms Universitet), an M.S. in Linguistics, a Ph.D. in Political Science, a Ph.D. in Development Economics, a Ph.D. in Linguistics, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He is currently a researcher-in-residence at the Center for Global Peace, an assistant professor of International Relations, the coordinator of the B.A. in International Studies--International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) focus, the coordinator of the Islamic Lecture Series, the coordinator of the National Conference on undergraduate Research (NCUR), and the faculty advisor of the American University Undergraduate Research Association (AUURA), the International Peace and Conflict Resolution Association (IPCRA), the Student Organization for African Studies (SOFAS), and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at American University, the United Nations Ambassador of the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS), and the director of The African Institution in Washington, DC. From 1993 to 2000, Bangura taught Political Science and International Studies, served as Special Assistant to the President and Provost, and founded and directed The Center for Success at Bowie State University of the University of Maryland System. He also has taught at Georgetown University, Howard University and Sojourner-Douglass College.

Bangura is the author and/or editor of 35 books and more than 250 scholarly articles. Bangura is the author and/or editor of 35 books and more than 250 scholarly articles. His recent books include United States Congress vs. Apartheid (in press), Sweden vs. Apartheid: Putting Morality Ahead of Profit (in press, 2004), Islamic Sources of Peace (in press, 2004), The World of Islam: Country-by-Country Profiles (in press, 2004), The Holy Qur'an and Contemporary Issues (2003), Washington, DC State of Affairs (2003), Law and Politics at the Grassroots: A Case Study of Prince George's County (2003), Sojourner-Douglass College's Philosophy in Action: An African-centered Creed (2002), Unpeaceful Metaphors (2002), Mario Fenyo and the Third World: A Reader (2002), The American University Alma Mater and Fight Song (2002), DC Vote: Fighting Against Taxation Without Representation (2001), Computer Programming to Insure Project Accountability in Africa (2001), United States-African Relations: The Reagan-Bush Era (2001), United States Congress and Bilingual Education (2001), Historical Political Economy of Washington, DC (2000), and Chaos Theory and African Fractals (2000).

His recent articles and book chapters include "A Step toward Eradicating Violence Against Women in Africa" (in press); "Ways of Japanese Thinking: International Relations and Linguistic Presuppositions in a Japanese Petty Officer's Letter to His Parents" (in press); "Discussing America's Wars in the Classroom: Pedagogical and Andragogical Approaches" (in press), "The Krio Language: Diglossic and Political Realities" (in press), "Contending Linguistic Metaphors in the African American Reparations Debate: Legitimate Call or Emotional Symbolism" (in press), "Toward a Pan-Third Worldism" (Journal of Third World Studies 2003), "Myths and Unethical Metaphors in Academia" (Ethics and Critical Thinking Journal 2003), "Nigeria: Historical Treatises on Contours of Power" (Journal of Third World Studies 2001), "Multicultural Conservatives, 'Grotesque' Liberals, Libertarians, and Other Political Species" (The Chronicle of Higher Education 2001), "Business Communication in Sierra Leone: A Diglossic Model" (The Journal of African Communication 2001), "Measurable Effects of Societal Multilingualism in Africa" (International Journal of the Sociology of Language 2000), "Divisive Barbarity or National Civilization: Linguistic Presuppositions of the Sierra Leone National Anthem as a Tool to Teach Peaceful Behavior" (International Journal of Sierra Leone Studies and Reviews 2000), "Articles on Africa in the Journal of Third World Studies: A Content Analysis and an Annotated Bibliography" (Journal of Third World Studies 2000), "Ethnicity¹s Threat to Peace" (in Elias and Turpin, 1999), and "Metaphors of Global Ethics: An African Spiritual and Religious Perspective" (in Bushrui, et al., 1999). He is also Editor-In-Chief of both the Journal of Research Methodology and African Studies (JRMAS) and the African Journal of Languages and Linguistics (AJLL). Bangura is the Immediate Past President of the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS) and a member of many other scholarly organizations. He has received numerous teaching and other scholarly and community service awards, and he is fluent in about a dozen African and six European languages.


Abdul Karim Bangura
The African Institution
7532 Eighth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20012 USA
E-mail: theai@earthlink.net



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