Abstract.The Nexus Network Journal Virtual Library is an annotated bibliography of books related to studies in architecture and mathematics. Books that are available for purchase are linked to Amazon.com. This page features books on patterns and pattern design.

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The NNJ Virtual Library: Patterns, Pattern Design, Tilings

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Books listed Alphabetically by Author

Critchlow, Keith. Islamic Patterns: An Analytical and Cosmological Approach (New York:reprinted by Thames and Hudson, 1992).

Crowe, Donald W. and Dorothy K. Washburn. Symmetries of Culture: Theory and Practice of Plane Pattern Analysis. Seattle, WA: University of Washington Press, 1988.

Devlin, Keith J. . Mathematics : The Science of Patterns : The Search for Order in Life, Mind and the Universe Scientific American Paperback Library.(W H Freeman, 1997).

Field, Michael and Martin Golubitsky, Symmetry in Chaos: A Search for Pattern in Mathematics, Art and Nature (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1992).

Field, Michael and Martin Golubitsky. Chaotische Symmetrien, Micha Lotrovsky, trans. (Basel: Birkhauser, 1993). German translation of Symmetry in Chaos.

Field, Michael and Martin Golubitsky. La Symetrie du Chaos, Christian Jeanmougin, trans. (Paris: Inter Editions, 1993). French translation of Symmetry in Chaos.

Gombrich, Ernst Hans . The Sense of Order : A Study in the Psychology of Decorative Art. The Wrightsman Lectures, V. 9. (Phaidon Press, 1995).

Grant, Lindy and Richard Mortimer, eds. Westminster Abbey: The Cosmati Pavements. Courtauld Institute Research Papers, 3. Ashgate Publishing, 2002. Reviewed by John Sharp in the NNJ vol. 5 no. 2

Grunbaum, B. and G.C. Shepard. Tilings and Patterns. (W.H.Freeman, 1986).

Pajares-Ayuela, Paloma. Cosmatesque Ornament: Flat Polychrome Geometric Patterns in Architecture. Maria Fleming Alvarez, trans. (London and New York: WW Norton, 2001). Reviewed by Kim Williams in the NNJ vol. 5 no. 2

Stevens, Peter S. and C. Peter Stevens. Handbook of Regular Patterns : An Introduction to Symmetry in Two Dimensions. (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1992).

Seymour, D. and J. Britton, Introduction to Tesselations (Palo Alto, Canada: Kale Seymour Publications, 1989). Referenced in Reza Sarhangi's article in the NNJ vol. 1 no. 3.

Stevens, Peter S. Patterns in Nature. Out of print.

Washburn, Dorothy K. and Donald W. Crowe. Symmetries of Culture: Theory and Practice of Plane Pattern Analysis (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1988; paperback ed., 1991).

Williams, Kim. Italian Pavements: Patterns in Space (Houston: Anchorage Press, 1997). Referenced in John Sharp's article in NNJ vol. 5 no. 2.

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