Abstract.The Nexus Network Journal Virtual Library is an annotated bibliography of books related to studies in architecture and mathematics. Books that are available for purchase are linked to Amazon.com. This page features books on proportions.

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The NNJ Virtual Library: Proportions

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Books listed Alphabetically by Author

Dunlap, Richard A. The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers. World Scientific Publishing, 1998.

Ghyka, Matila. The Geometry of Art and Life, 1946 (slightly corrected reproduction, New York: Dover Publications, 1977). "The Author believes that there are such things as "the mathematics of Life" and "the Mathematics of Art" and that the two coincide. Using simple mathematical formulas...Prof. Ghyka shows the fascinating relationships between geometry, aesthetics, nature and the human body" (Comments from the book's cover). Please be aware that Ghyka's work has been subject to severe criticism recently. (NNJ Reader's comment).

Herz-Fischler, Roger. The Shape of the Great Pyramid. (Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2000). Reviewed by Mark A. Reynolds in the NNJ vol.3 no.4.

Herz-Fischler, Roger. A Mathematical History of the Golden Number (New York: Dover Publications, 1998).

Huntley, H.E. The Divine Proportion: A Study in Mathematical Beauty (New York: Dover Publications, 1970). "This is a delightful book to read....It wanders here and there through some of the most attractive byways of simple mathematics, returning always to the oddities and pleasures of the golden section" (Comments from the book's cover).

Kepes, G. (ed.). Module, Proportion, Symmetry, Rhythm (New York: George Braziller, 1966).

Le Corbusier, Le Modulor and Modulor 2. English edition (Birkhauser, 2000).

Linn, Charles. F. The Golden Mean: Mathematics And The Fine Arts (New York: Doubleday, 1974).Referenced by Michael Ostwald in the NNJ vol.2 no.2. Out of print.

March, Lionel. Architectonics of Humanism : Essays on Number in Architecture. (London: Academy Editions, 1998). A crucial companion to Wittkower's classic Architectural Principles
in the Age of Humanism, March's new classic examines the role of number and number symbolism in the cultures which most influenced the Renaissance, culminating in a brilliant series of analyses of several works by Alberti, Serlio, and Palladio.
Reviewed by Mark Peterson in the NNJ vol.2 no.2.

Pacioli, Luca. The Divine Proportion (De divina proporzione) (Abaris Books, 2000). Not yet published, this book can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

Padovan, Richard. Proportion: Philosophy, Science and Architecture (E & F N Spon, 1999).

Vajda, Steven. Fibonacci And Lucas Numbers, And The Golden Section (New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1989). Referenced by Michael Ostwald in the NNJ vol.2 no.2.

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