Abstract.The Nexus Network Journal Virtual Library is an annotated bibliography of books related to studies in architecture and mathematics. Books that are available for purchase are linked to Amazon.com. This page features books on symbolism.

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The NNJ Virtual Library: Symbolism

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Books listed Alphabetically by Author

Balmand, Cecil. Number Nine: The Search for the Sigma Code (International Book Import Service, 1998). Reviewed by Jay Kappraff in NNJ vol.2 no.1.

Burkert, Walter. Lore and Science in Ancient Pythagoreanism (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1972. 1962). This title is out of print, but if you want to do a search for it, click here. Referenced in Marco Frascari's article in the NNJ vol. 1 no. 3.

Butler, Christopher. Number Symbolism (New York, 1970). This book is out of print. If you want to do a search for it, click here.

Cassirer, Ernst. The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1965).

Foster, Richard. Patterns of Thought: The Hidden Meaning of the Great Pavement of Westminster Abbey (London: Jonathan Cape, 1991). Referenced in John Sharp's article in NNJ vol. 1 no. 2.

Lawlor, Robert. Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice (New York: Thames and Hudson, 1989). "This is an introduction to the geometry which, as the ancients taught and modern science now confirms, underlies the structure of the universe...Robert Lawlor sets out the system of number, shape and proportions that determines the dimension and form of both man-made nd natural structures, from Gothic cathedrals to flowers, from music to the human body" (Comments from the book's cover).

Michell, John. The Dimensions of Paradise, ( rpt. London: Thames and Hudson, 1988). Out of print, but you can search for it by clicking here.

Pennick, Nigel. Sacred Geometry: Symbolism and Purpose in Religious Structures. (Holmes Pulbishing Group, 1994).

Plummer, L.Gordon. The Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind. (Wheaton IL: Theosophical Publishing House).

Schneider, Michael. The Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe (New York: Harper Collins, 1995). Referenced in Mark Reynolds' article in NNJ vol. 1 no. 4.

Schwaller de Lubicz, Rene A., The Temple In Man: Ancient Egyptian Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man. Trans. Robert Lawlor and Deborah Lawlor. (Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions, 1988).

Skinner, Ralston. The Source of Measures. Key to the Hebrew Egyptian Mystery Secret Doctrine Reference Series. San Diego CA: Wizards Bookshelf.

Snodgrass, Adrian. Architecture, Time and Eternity : A Studies in the Stellar and Temporal Symbolism of Traditional Buildings. Sata-Pitaka Series, V. 356-357. Out of print

Sperling, Gert. Das Pantheon in Rom. Abbild und Mass des Kosmos (Neuried, Germany: Ars Una, 1999).

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