Consent to Publish Agreement

This Agreement is by and between THEORY AND APPLICATIONS OF CATEGORIES ("Journal") and _____________________________________("Author").
In consideration of the following mutual undertakings, it is agreed:

  1. Author has created a work entitled ____________________________________________________________
    (the "Work") and owns the copyright to the Work.
  2. Author hereby grants to the Journal a worldwide, irrevocable, fully-paid up, royalty-free license to publish the Work in the Journal, its electronic archive, its paper archive, or any collection of the Journal's works in any form or media whatsoever. The Journal shall have the right to include the Work as part of its collection available through any third party, and to accept and retain payment for this. The Author agrees that the Journal is further authorized to grant permission to copy the Work for non-commercial purposes. This permission includes making copies for private or educational use.
  3. Author agrees that any other publication of the Work in any other form or media in the same or substantially the same form shall include an acknowledgment of prior publication in the Journal and include the year, volume and number of the Work in the Journal.
  4. Author warrants that s/he has the full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights granted in this Agreement. Where the Author is more than one person, one of them may sign this form and warrants that all such persons agree to be bound by this Agreement. The Author also warrants that the Work does not libel anyone, nor infringe anyone's copyright.
  5. Journal undertakes to publish the Work by placing it on the Journal's server, and to maintain copies of the Work in accordance with its Archive Policy.

AUTHOR:_________________________________________ DATE: _________________

For Theory and Applications of Categories:

___________________________________________ DATE: __________________

(Based on the Author's Agreement form of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. Used by permission. Last revised 2017-06-01.)

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