Appendix B. System Setup: Editors, Validation and Transformations

Table of Contents
B.1. Tools for your operating system
B.2. Editing tools
B.2.1. Word Processors
B.2.2. Text Editors
B.3. Validation
B.3.1. Why Validate Your Document
B.3.2. Validation for the Faint of Heart
B.3.3. Validation for the Not So Faint Of Heart
B.3.4. Creating and modifying catalogs
B.3.5. Validating XML
B.4. Transformations
B.4.1. DSSSL
B.4.2. The docbook-utils Package
B.4.3. XSL
B.5. DocBook DTD
B.6. Formatting Documents
B.6.1. Inserting a summary on the initial articles page
B.6.2. Inserting indexes automatically

In this section, we will cover some of the tools that you may want to use to create your own LDP documentation. If you use some other tool to assist you in writing documents for the LDP, please drop us a line and we'll add a blurb for it here. Section 1.3 has contact information.