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LDP Weekly News

by David Merrill

About the LDP

The Linux Documentation Project is developing free, high quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. This includes the creation of HOWTOs and Guides, and collaboration with other documentation groups.

If you've always wanted to help Linux reach Total World Domination(tm), but you're not a programmer, there's still something you can do. Help the LDP!

The LDP keeps a page of resources for authors at Contributions are always welcome.

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LDP Database

The LDP Document Database has moved to a new server and a new URL, The database is primarily designed as a resource for authors, editors, and volunteers at the LDP. It holds extended metadata on each document as well as a history of issues that have been dealt with.

All authors of LDP HOWTOS and other LDP documents are strongly encouraged to get an account in our database, or just log in using the provided guest account, to make sure our information is correct, and that we have the latest version of their documents.

Volunteers are always needed to help maintain our collection. The database helps make the work a bit easier and more coordinated. We serve 412 documents, and we add an average of about 2 per week, so making management easy is a big priority.

ScrollServer 0.6

ScrollServer is a Python based HTTP server that allows you to view documentation that is registered in a ScrollKeeper database.

Version 0.6 is a development release, but is fairly stable and is quite usable. The biggest shortcoming right now is that few packages are registering their documentation in the ScrollKeeper database. Since both Gnome and KDE are using ScrollKeeper as their repository in their future help browsers, however, I highly recommend that packagers register their program's docs with ScrollKeeper.

Please feel free to test it out, and report bugs to David Merrill at david -AT-, or on the SourceForge project page.

New Documents

Updated Documents