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LDP Weekly News

by David Merrill

Debian Licensing Update

We have had some indications from Debian that at least one version of the LDP License will be considered Free and so will remain part of core Debian. This is good news for all of us. However, I am still asking all authors to relicense to GFDL or OPL to make sure we are safe.

We've received many document updates in response to my request for relicensing. If you have not heard, despite the crazy Slashdot flamewar, I'm trying to get all LDP documents under the GFDL or OPL to ensure they will remain part of the core Debian distribution. Thanks to all the authors who have updated their documents after my initial request.

To clarify one issue I've received mail about, the LDP will not be dropping any documents that are not relicensed. LDP policy continues to be that a document must be freely redistributable for any purpose, commercial or noncommercial. However, LDP policy does not require that you permit derivative versions. That said, I have a strong personal preference for derivative versions. We have had problems in the past with documents that were not modifiable that had to be rewritten or dropped because the author no longer maintained it and we could not contact him. Please don't let this happen to your document. If you maintain a HOWTO on the LDP, please consider it your responsibility to either maintain it, or if you cannot, to pass it on to someone else who will.

New Documents

Updated Documents

Unmaintained Documents

These documents have been abandoned by their maintainers and many of them have not been updated in some time. If you're willing to become the maintainer for one of them, please join the LDP discussion list at and post a message indicating your interest.

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