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LDP Weekly News

by David Merrill

New Domain Name

The Linux Documentation Project has a new domain name. You can now find the LDP on the web at

This name change came about due to some difficulties with the domain name. In order to have clear rights to the domain name, the LDP had to relocate its primary services site. You can still reach the LDP by pointing your browser to, but you will be redirected to This move may come as a surprise for many LDP faithful, but the majority of the staff believed that the change was necessary to assure that the LDP would be available for the next wave of new Linux users.

Our mailing lists, cvs, and other bits and pieces are being gradually updated to recognize the new domain, so for awhile people will see both domains being used. I'll post more information on the status of the domain updates as it becomes available.

New Documents

Updated Documents

Unmaintained Documents

These documents have been abandoned by their maintainers and many of them have not been updated in some time. If you're willing to become the maintainer for one of them, please join the LDP discussion list at and post a message indicating your interest.

About the LDP

The Linux Documentation Project is developing free, high quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. This includes the creation of HOWTOs and Guides, and collaboration with other documentation groups.

If you've always wanted to help Linux reach Total World Domination(tm), but you're not a programmer, there's still something you can do. Help the LDP!

The LDP keeps a page of resources for authors at Contributions are always welcome.

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