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Introduction to GNU Anubis

GNU Anubis is an SMTP message submission daemon. It represents an intermediate layer between mail user agent (MUA) and mail transport agent (MTA), receiving messages from the MUA, applying to them a set of predefined changes and finally inserting modified messages into an MTA routing network. The set of changes applied to a message is configurable on a system-wide and per-user basis. The built-in configuration language used for defining sets of changes allows for considerable flexibility and is easily extensible.

Requirements/Supported Software

Highly recommended:


Online Documentation

The GNU Anubis manual is available on-line. The source code for the manual is included in the distribution of GNU Anubis.

Support & Helping GNU Anubis

Please send any bug reports, improvements, comments, suggestions, or questions to bug-anubis at (public mailing list). Archives available.

Downloading GNU Anubis

Stable GNU Anubis releases can be found on [via HTTP] and [via FTP]. It can also be found on one of our FTP mirrors.

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