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GNU Classpath

GNU Classpath::Object management group
This page is referenced from the official OMG Vendor tag list, maintained by the OMG. It is is designed to help programmers debugging interoperation with our ORB.
GNU Classpath::CORBA interoperability
  1. Interoperability information (system exception minor codes, etc).
  2. GNU Classpath API Specification
  3. Bug database.
  4. GNU Classpath CORBA vs: JDK 1.2 JDK 1.3 JDK 1.4 (updated nightly)
  5. Project home page
Registered information
  • GNU Classpath Vendor Minor Code Id (VMCID) is 0x47430xxx ("GC\x00\x00" - "GC\x0f\xff").

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