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gnu.xml.aelfred2 This package contains Ælfred2, which includes an enhanced SAX2-compatible version of the Ælfred non-validating XML parser, a modular (and hence optional) DTD validating parser, and modular (and hence optional) JAXP glue to those.
gnu.xml.dom This is a Free Software DOM Level 3 implementation, supporting these features:
  • "XML"
  • "Events"
  • "MutationEvents"
  • "HTMLEvents" (won't generate them though)
  • "UIEvents" (also won't generate them)
  • "USER-Events" (a conformant extension)
  • "Traversal" (optional)
  • "XPath"
  • "LS" and "LS-Async"
It is intended to be a reasonable base both for experimentation and supporting additional DOM modules as clean layers.
DOM Level 3 Load & Save implementation.
DOM Level 3 Core and XPath implementation using Gnome libxml2.
SAX 2 implementation using Gnome libxml2.
gnu.xml.libxmlj.transform A JAXP-compliant wrapper for the XSLT C library for Gnome, also known as libxslt.
gnu.xml.pipelineThis package exposes a kind of XML processing pipeline, based on sending SAX events, which can be used as components of application architectures.
This package contains a Java XSL transformer compliant with the JAXP specification.
gnu.xml.util This package contains XML utilities, including SAX2 XML writers and a parser of DOM trees, plus a command line driver.
100% Java DOM Level 3 XPath implementation, also used as the basis for the GNU JAXP XSL transformer.
This package provides type mappings between XML and Java data types.
XML Namespace processing.
javax.xml.parsersBootstrapping APIs for JAXP parsers.
javax.xml.transformBase "TRAX" API for XSLT transformers.
javax.xml.transform.domSupport for DOM inputs and outputs to transformers.
javax.xml.transform.saxSupport for SAX2-based XSLT transformers.
javax.xml.transform.streamSupport for text stream inputs and outputs to transformers.
API for the validation of XML documents using a range of schema languages.
This package provides access to an XPath evaluation environment and expressions.
org.w3c.domThis package contains the DOM Level 3 Core interfaces.
org.w3c.dom.bootstrapThis package contains the DOM Level 3 Core bootstrap interface.
org.w3c.dom.cssSupports the optional "CSS" and "CSS2" stylesheet features of the DOM Level 2 Recommendation.
org.w3c.dom.eventsSupports the optional "Events", "UIEvents", "MouseEvents", "MutationEvents", and "HTMLEvents" features of the DOM Level 2 Recommendation.
org.w3c.dom.lsThis package contains the DOM Level 3 Load and Save interfaces.
org.w3c.dom.rangesSupports the optional "Range" feature of the DOM Level 2 Recommendation.
org.w3c.dom.stylesheetsSupports optional "StyleSheets" features (see the sibling CSS package) of the DOM Level 2 Recommendation.
org.w3c.dom.traversalSupports the optional "Traversal" feature of the DOM Level 2 Recommendation.
org.w3c.dom.viewsSupports the optional "Views" feature of the DOM Level 2 Recommendation.
org.xml.sax This package provides the core SAX APIs.
org.xml.sax.ext This package contains interfaces to SAX2 facilities that conformant SAX drivers won't necessarily support.
org.xml.sax.helpersThis package contains "helper" classes, including support for bootstrapping SAX-based applications.