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DotGNU Portable.Net Packages For Various Systems

Source Code Downloads

The Portable.NET 0.7.4 source tarballs are available from Southern Storm.

Index of system-specific packages

Portable.Net 0.7.4 has just been released. Packages for various systems will be built over the course of the next few days.

Currently packages are available for the following systems:

GNU/Linux distributions: Gentoo (ebuilds), RedHat/Fedora (RPMs), Mandrake (RPMs), Debian (DEBs) PLD (RPMs)

Other systems: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows

More coming soon!

Gentoo Ebuilds

Rainer Groesslinger (rainer.groesslinger AT gmx DOT net) has contributed ebuild rules to the Gentoo portage directory. Gentoo users can build and install DotGNU Portable.Net by means of the following commands:

emerge sync; emerge pnet pnetlib ml-pnet pnetc

The ebuilds are currently available for the following processor types: x86, ppc, ppc64, sparc, mips, alpha, arm, hppa, amd64 and ia64

RedHat/Fedora RPMs

Portable.NET RedHat/Fedora RPMs have been built by Dejan Lekic (dejan at nu6 dot org). These packages should work on any RPM-based distro.

The packages are available at http://www.nu6.org/_/pak/pnet/

Mandrake RPMs

Mandrake Rpms of Portable.NET have been built by Stephen Compall (s11 AT member.fsf.org).


Debian packages have been built by Andrew Mitchell (ajmitch at gnu dot org).

	apt-get install pnet

Packages for PLD

Thanks to Andrzej Dopierala (undefine AT aramin DOT net), PLD packages are available at ftp://ftp.pld-linux.org/dists/ac/PLD/$arch/PLD/RPMS/ where $arch is one of the following: i386, i586, i686, athlon, sparc, ppc, alpha, amd64. To install simply use poldek:

poldek --up; poldek --upa; poldek -vi pnet-compiler-csharp

Mac OS X

Oscar Papel has built a package "DotGNU Portable.NET Framework for Mac OS/X". This is a binary redistribution in Mac Framework format installed in /Library/Frameworks.

Installer package for the Microsoft Windows system

Boris Manojlovic has built an installer package for the Microsoft Windows system.

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