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Introduction to epsilon

This is a web page about GNU epsilon, a strongly-typed statically-scoped higher-order purely functional language.

epsilon is oriented to expressivity and efficiency. The static scoping rule and the type checkings at compile-time should make epsilon programs "safe" and "fast". The language is relatively simple at this stage but it is going to evolve. Its current main features are:

The following features are being worked on or are planned:

Downloading epsilon

GNU epsilon is not yet available at ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/epsilon. The first official release of GNU epsilon (there have been some before epsilon was dubbed part of the GNU Project) will be available as soon as it'll be usable by the general public.

The latest CVS version (recent but not necessarily stable) is always available. See the epsilon project page on GNU Savannah.

epsilon documentation

The epsilon manual is available here in several formats including HTML, TeX DVI, PostScript, PDF, Info and the Texinfo source. It is still quite far from being complete, but already includes a useful functional programming tutorial also adapt to non-programmers.

The manual is also included in all epsilon archives, and can be easily translated into a variety of formats.

About the authors

epsilon is brought to you by Luca Saiu (maintainer), with help from Matteo Golfarini. See the file AUTHORS in epsilon archives for more contact information.

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