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Plans for the future

Plans of the highest priority are listed first.

  • Treat enum members as definitions.(C)
  • Generate link from 'require', 'require_once' and 'include_once'.(PHP)
  • Support of PHP language in the following commands in gtags.el.
    • gtags-find-tag-by-event
    • gtags-find-tag-from-here.
  • Support glob pattern for path name search (global -P).
  • Rewrite gtags-parser(1) using flex(1) completely.
  • Support new languages. Here is a list of candidates:
    • Lex
    • C#
    • Scheme
  • Add support of built-in parser for gtags(1).
    Since this parser is linked to gtags at function layer, we can make simpler and more efficient gtags without any external commands.
  • Rewrite function header using Doxygen style.
  • The --dynamic option generates not only index files but also hypertext of source code itself.
  • Support gtags-query-replace (gtags.el).
  • Visual interface using GUI.
  • Ttags(1) command.
    Ttags(1) is similar to htags(1) but makes TeX source for a book instead of hypertext.
  • Allow spaces in path name of source files.
  • Support multi-bytes code set.
  • Make the links in the hypertext generated by htags(1) context sensitive.
    For example, if you have a pointer p to a struct B with a field b, and write p->b in the code, the "b" is linked to the field in B. It supports struct, class and namespace(C++).
  • Support tag type. (like Exuberant Ctags.)
  • Pickup definitions of data type, enum name, enum value, union name and struct name. Finally, remove GSYMS. (gtags-parser, gtags)
Any contributions are appreciated. Please see contribution.
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