GNU Messenger Project 
     NNIM: No Name Instant Messenger







      This page describes GNU Messenger, a secure messaging system. GNU Messenger is a messaging system that attempts to keep your conversations private from everyone except the intended recipient. It is compatible with existing IM networks and allows you to communicate with other GM users even when you're not using a native server.


  • GNU autoconf support.
  • NNIM client uses GTK on non-windows systems.
  • Interoperates with other popular IM networks.
  • Separate frontend and backend - easy to write new clients.
  • Buddy list - See what friends you have online.
  • Messages - Send a message to someone.
  • Basic encryption support - Make sure no one else reads your message
  • Plugins - Extend the server and client in any way imaginable.
  • Attractive interface
  • Taskbar docking.


Most of the documentation for GM is in the source and is generated via Doxygen. If you'd like more information, please visit the NNIM website.

Contact Lead Developer:

Jesse Lovelace - jllovela at ncsu dot edu