GNUbik is an interactive, graphical, single player puzzle. This free program renders an image of a cube, like that invented by Erno Rubik. You have to manipulate the cube using the mouse. When each face shows only one colour, the game is solved.

It uses Gtk+ and/or X11 and Mesa / OpenGL.


  • Free Software. GNUbik is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence.
  • Supports cubes of any size. 3x3x3 is the default.
  • Custom colours. Choose any that are available to your system. Just drag and drop them to the cube.
  • Instead of colours, you can also use images.
  • You can watch the cube solve itself. And you can write your own scripts and run them on the cube.
  • You can record and playback sequences of moves.
  • GNUbik has been tested on many GNU/Linux operating systems and is designed to work on any POSIX compliant platform which has the X Window System and Mesa / OpenGL installed.
  • Uses the GTK widget set, and has a Gnome look and feel.
  • Internationalised menu labels. GNUbik has been translated into non English languages.
  • Configurable animation speed.

What's New

Click here for a list of features new to the latest release.


GNUbik is part of the GNU project. It was created by John M. Darrington and other contributors and is copyright by the authors. You are free to use, modify and copy GNUbik, but only under the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

You are particularly welcome to add improvements and new features.

This program is Free Software and is not associated with the Rubik or Rubik's Cube trademarks or with Seven Towns Ltd.