GNUbik News

GNUbik 2.2

  • There is now a video-style playbar, for playing and replaying sequences of moves.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Minor cosmetic improvements to the user interface.
  • Added a Basque and a Catalan localisation.
  • As of this release, GTK+ is the definitive widget set. The Athena compile time option will no longer be maintained.

GNUbik 2.1

  • Guile has now been integrated with GNUbik. You can write your own Scheme programs to solve the cube. Or you can use the ones already provided. Thanks to Dave Mellor for doing this work.
  • Added Polish and Russian localisations
  • Minor bug fixes

GNUbik 2.0

  • Changed the hosting site to
  • Minor changes to the build configuration
  • Also added a French translation.

GNUbik 1.16

This is very much a tidying up release:

  • Changed some dialogs to be GTK+ standard ones
  • You can now drag and drop colours or images to the colour selection dialog, or directly onto the cube surface.
  • Added Danish, Hebrew and Turkish localisations. Thanks to the translators.
  • Fixed colour allocation problems which were apparent on 8 bit displays.

GNUbik 1.15

This version adds a handful of improvements:

  • Internationalisation. Only a German and American localisation is done at present. Volunteers please!!
  • Ported to GTK+2.0.
  • Antialiasing of the cube. It looks much better!
  • You can put your own images onto the cube surface. You can select to use lots of small images or one large image spread over an entire face.
  • The mouse cursor now points in the direction the blocks will turn. The circular turn indicators are therefore no longer needed and have been removed.
  • Optional lighting. This can make the image more realistic, but can cause you to confuse the colours if certain combinations are chosen.

There's also numerous bug fixes and general improvements to the code.

To avoid possible trademark issues, Rubik is now known as GNUbik.