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Bug Tracking

We have instituted GNUe DCL to do our internal project management and bug tracking. As part of this, we have setup email accounts so that you can easily e-mail bug reports and feature requests to the developers!

The following lists are by product to submit bug reports/feature requests:

forms-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe Forms
designer-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe Designer
reports-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe Reports
common-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNU-RPC (GNUe Common)
dcl-support@gnuenterprise.org : Double Chocco Latte
geas-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe Application Server
integrator-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe Integrator
docs-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe Documentation
www-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe web site and administration
config-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe configuration
docustore-support@gnuenterprise.org : GNUe Document Storage

Note until packages are in a more final stage we will not have them setup in DCL - as soon as they are set up in DCL, we will make them available to take tickets via the e-mail gateway.

Also note you can view tickets and work orders online at https://www.gnuenterprise.org/dclgw/. Log in using user: guest password : guest. In the near future, we will let people create accounts online. Until then, if you wish to have an account, please e-mail info@gnue.org to request one.


We willingly accept patches - you can include them as attatchments to e-mails sent to the above addresses. For preference, our preferred format for patches is the output produced by diff -Naur rather than cvs diff -c. (This is because it is less likely to break things if CVS has been updated between your last CVS update and us applying the patch.)

Note that, except for fixing typos or other 'obvious' patches, we will need Copyright Assignment for any patches you send.

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