GNUEnterprise Quick Install for Red Hat 7.2

05 April 2002

Keith Nasman, Updated by Erik Jarvi

  1. Change directories to /usr/local

  2. download the CVS by executing the following command: cvs -z3 co gnue

  3. Since stock RH7.2 installs Python 1.5.2 you will need to install Python2.1 and the Python2.1-devel package. This is easy because the RPMs are on Disc2. Install them with rpm -Uvh <package name>. Now this install doesn't remove Python 1.5.2 so we have to make sure that the right one gets used.

  4. Go to the dependencies web page. Grab the wx* files. Then grab the mx.DateTime package and install. I had to "mv /usr/local/lib/python2.1/site-package/mx /usr/lib/python2.1/site-packages" to get gfclient to run properly.

  5. Now, go into each of the tool directories (common, designer, forms, navigator, objectserver and reports) and run "/usr/bin/python2.1 install" as noted in the README.

  6. Now go into the geas directory and run ./

  7. The apps are installed into /usr/local/bin as gfclient, gfdesigner, gnuenav, grrun, and grserve. With the default python being 1.5.2 these won't run so edit the first line of each file to read "#!/usr/bin/env python2".

  8. Run a test of "/usr/local/bin/gfclient —help" to see if you get the usage listing. If you do then you can go to /usr/local/gnue/forms/samples/intro and run "/usr/local/bin/gfclient intro.gfd".