GNU Enterprise Project History

1996 - Wiesiek Poszewiecki began GNU G/L.
1997 through 1998 - Jonas Oberg and Wiesiek Poszewiecki begin pulling GNU G/L together after it was dormant.
July 1999 - Project obelisk managed by James Thompson (USA) and Didier Legein (Belgium) and the GNU G/L (FSF Project) managed by Jonas Oberg (Sweden) merged to become GNU Enterprise. The goal to do more that just G/L.
February 2000 - Project sanity (ERP) managed by Jade Meskill (USA) and Derek Neighbors (USA) inquired and merged with GNUe.
March 2000 - The start of the current incarnation of GNUe. Finalized and merged the current technical architecture from the previous projects. During the late spring and early summer Reinhard Muller (Austria), Arno Pedusaar (Estonia), and Bill Hamilton (USA) joined the core team.
July 2000 - Treshna, represented by Andrew Murie (New Zealand) and Andrew Hill (New Zealand), joined the core team, committed full time resources, and started work on GNUe Application Server (GEAS).
October 2000 - GNUe Application Server 0.0.2 released with relational database support for MySQL and PostGRES. GNUe Forms 0.0.3 released.
November 2000 - GNUe Forms 0.0.4 and GEAS 0.0.3 released and Project Management and Inventory modules started. Neil Tiffin (USA) joined the core team. Derek and Jade demonstrate GNUe Forms at FALL COMDEX Las Vegas.
December 2000 - Chris Spence (UK) joined the core team.
January 2001 - GNUe Forms 0.0.5 released. GEAS undergoing major rewrite and API change.
February 2001 - Demonstrations at Linux World were hits. Derek speaks on Free Software Panel at LinuxWorldExpo New York.
March 2001 - GNUe Forms 0.0.6 released. Jason Cater (USA) joined the core team.
April 2001 - GNUe Application Server (GEAS) 0.0.4, GNUe Forms 0.0.7, GNUe Common 0.0.1 released.
June 2001 - GNUe Application Server (GEAS) 0.0.5, GNUe Forms 0.0.8 and GNUe Common 0.0.2 released. New interactive web site introduced at
July 2001 - GNUe Forms 0.0.9, GNUe Common 0.0.3 and GNUe Designer 0.0.1 released.
August 2001 - GNUe Application Server (GEAS) 0.0.6 released. Derek, Jason and James speak at GNUe Bird of a Feather, LinuxWorldExpo San Francisco. First GNUe Core Team Conference.
November 2001 - Kernel Cousins (IRC summary) brought on-line. GNUe-Forms 0.1.0, GNUe-Designer 0.1.0, and GNUe-Common 0.1.0. released.
January 2002 - First development version of GNUe Navigator in CVS. Release of GNUe-Forms 0.1.1, GNUe-Designer 0.1.1, and GNUe-Common 0.1.1.
February 2002 - Redesign of GNUe-Application Server agreed.
March 2002 - Merger between GNUe and Double Chocco Latte announced.
June 2002 - Release of GNUe-Forms 0.3.0, GNUe-Designer 0.3.0, GNUe-Common 0.3.0 and first releases of GNUe-Reports 0.0.1 and the new GNUe-Application Server 0.0.1
August 2002 - Website re-vamped and re-launched.
August 2002 - GNUe stand at LinuxWorldExpo, San Fransisco.
September 2002 - Release of GNUe-Forms 0.4.0, GNUe-Designer 0.4.0, GNUe-Common 0.4.0, GNUe-Reports 0.0.2, GNUe-Application Server 0.0.2 and the first release of GNUe-Navigator 0.0.1.
October 2002 - "Halloween" meeting of Appserver developers at LinuxWorldExpo, Frankfurt, Germany.
November 2002 - Release of GNUe-Forms 0.4.1, GNUe-Designer 0.4.1, GNUe-Common 0.4.1, GNUe-Reports 0.1.0, and GNUe-Navigator 0.0.2.
December 2002 - Release of GNUe-Forms 0.4.2, GNUe-Designer 0.4.2, GNUe-Common 0.4.2.