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Get Involved!

The GNUe project is almost entirely a volunteer project, made up of a wide range of people with IT and business skillsets, from many different countries. We are always keen to welcome new volunteers to help out with various project tasks, whatever level of commitment you can offer us.

If you are new to free software projects, you might like to read Havoc Pennington's article, Working on Free Software, at http://www106.pair.com/rhp/hacking.html. Not everything in this article is necessarily true of GNUe (for instance, we tend to use IRC much more than mailing lists, and can make good use not just of coders but all kinds of people), but it's still a good overall introduction.


The full GNUe code base can be checked out using Anonymous CVS access. We willingly accept patches to existing functionality, or you can look at our roadmaps to see what features we are planning, and volunteer to help out with these.

All of the GNUe tools are written in python. If you don't know python yet, don't let that put you off. If you have experience of any other progamming language, you will probably be able to learn python very quickly, whether you are coming from C, C+, perl, php, or Basic...

Even if you are not a coder (or are looking for a break from coding), there are many other ways to get involved in GNUe.

Package Proposals

At the moment, we only have proposals for some of the GNUe packages, and those that we do have could always do with further input. This is an area where people with a business background, rather than IT, can be absolutely invaluable.

CVS bug testing

All of the tools are continually being developed. Although the core developers do alpha-testing as they go, and are active users of the product themselves, they cannot cover all possible bases, and active testers of CVS are therefore encouraged.

Details of how to report bugs, via e-mail or DCL, are here.

Pre-release testing

In the rush for a new release, pre-release candidates will be made available for testing. Testing of these pre-releases is an important part of our final bug-squishing before release.

Because the pre-release testing cycle is normally a bit frantic, the preferred way to report bugs is via IRC.

Cross-platform testing

In both cases, we are especially keen for testers for platforms which are under-represented among the core developers, most of whom use Debian GNU/Linux. Testers for 'minority' platforms like RedHat GNU/Linux, SUSe GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT, XP) are therefore especially welcome.

Documentation patches

Spot an error in documentation? E-mail doc-support@gnuenterprise.org.

Web site patches

Spot an error on this website? E-mail www-support@gnuenterprise.org.

New documentation

New documentation is welcome in whatever format - we use a mixture of plain text, Texinfo, Docbook, LaTex, or OpenOffice for documentation formats, and will willingly convert documentation from other formats. Documentation does not have to be large to be useful - a well-crafted, topic-specifc HOWTO can be a very valuable addition to the community.

Or even...

If nothing else, you could hang out in IRC and keep the core developers enthused and amused...

Copyright issues

If you are contributing significant amounts of code or documentation, we will need copyright assignment from you.

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