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Other Projects Using GNUe

As well as forming the basis for the official GNUe Packages, the GNUe Tools are also being used in other projects as well, some private, some public:

Project Papo

Project Papo is a project by the Via Libre Foundation of Argentina, designed to develop a full ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, initially aimed at the Argentinian and other Spanish-speaking markets.

GNUe Small Business

GNUe Small Business (gnue-sb) is an unofficial sub-project of the GNUe project, designed to produce a quick solution to the needs of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). It is initially aimed at the North American (USA/Canada) market, but is capable of being internationalised.

The official GNUe packages are intended to use the GNUe Application Server to provide full n-tier functionality, with the AppServer containing the business logic and managing database access. By contrast, gnue-sb works in two-tier mode (Forms and Reports talking directly to the database server) and is therefore more suited to smaller enterprises.

gnue-sb includes some code and schemas from acclite, forked from NOLA, a GPL accounting package originally written in php by Nogasaku. It will also include built-in integration with shipping (e.g. Federal Express and UPS).

This project started October 2002. The target is to have a first version of the system, usuable in its own right but also a basis for further development, within a few months.


Rent-Free is a free software (GPL) property management application

This project started October 2002.

Other Projects

If you are using GNUe in a free software project that is not listed here, and would like to be, please let us know.

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