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Current Sponsors

Treshna Enterprises
54 Oxford Tce
New Zealand
Toll free: (0508) treshna
Phone: (+64 3) 366 3649
Provide paid developers for GNUe project.
BYTEWISE Software GmbH
Enga 2
A-6890 Lustenau
phone +43 (5577) 89877-0
fax +43 (5577) 89877-66
Provide paid developers for GNUe project.
Performance Champions, Inc.
One Pierce Place, Suite 500 E
Itasca, IL 60143 USA
phone +01 630 561 3955
Business, management and technology consultants providing paid staff to develop GNUe.
Fen Systems Ltd.
18 Kemmann Lane
United Kingdom
Provide paid developers for GNUe project.
UAB CodeWorks
Universiteto g. 12-3
2000 Vilnius
Provide paid developers for the GNUe Project
Fundación via Libre
Bv. Illia 555 - 1º piso
Córdoba, Argentina. C.P.
phone (0351) 421 7996
Provide paid developers for the GNUe Project

How To Become a Sponsor

Since we are a growing project we are in need of resources. Resources come in many shapes and forms. Some ways in which an individual or corporation can sponsor this project are:

  • Donate to Free Software Foundation
  • Pay Developers to Work on GNUe
  • Donate Physical Resources (test machines, etc)

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