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Packages Documentation

Package/Module Design

GNU Enterprise: Module Design Proposal (HTML) (RTF)
An overview of modules and tables in GNU Enterprise. [Last revised: 2002-04-13]

Base Package

GNUe Base: Package (HTML) (RTF)
Design documentation for the Base GNUE system. [Last revised ~ 2001]

Financials (Accounting)

GNUe General Ledger Package: Proposal (HTML) (Postscript) (PDF)
Proposal for General Ledger. [Last revised: 2001-04-02]

General Ledger Theory Part I (HTML) (Postscript) (PDF)
An education for Mr. Lazy Accountant. [Last revised: 2001-03-03]

Supply Chain Management

GNUe Supply Chain: Package (HTML) (Postscript) (RTF) (PDF)
Design documentation for the GNUE Supply Chain system. [Last revised: 2000-08-19]

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