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GNUe Project

This section of the website includes information and resources relating to the GNU Enterprise project as a whole

Home Page - What is GNU Enterprise? and Recent News.
News Archive - All past news items.
Media Resources - information for journalists or anyone else who needs a quick overview of the GNU Enterprise project.
Downloads - GNUe and related software
Documentation Index - a single index page for all the GNUe Documentation.
Current Status - a single page with the current status of all GNUe Tools and Packages.
Roadmaps - planned features for future versions of the GNUe Tools.
Requirements - what you need to run GNU Enterprise.
Glossary of terms - some project terminology explained.
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions, including the official GNUe FAQ.
Screenshots- what some of the GNUe Tools look like in action.
Brochures - current publicity material/leaflets for GNUe.
Contact Us - e-mail and postal addresses for GNU Enterprise.
Help GNUe - including via Afferro and the Linux Fund.
Project Documentation- Documentation relating to the GNUe Project as a whole.

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