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  0.5.3 releases available for download.

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GNU Enterprise Forms is an XML-based forms system. It will read XML files to create GUIs for Win32, GTK+, and Curses. It is fully data-aware and can be used in n-tier environments with GNU Enterprise Application Server (AppServer) or in 2-tier environments (i.e talking directly to the database server).

The Forms client includes basic data-manipulation facilities (e.g. inserting records, entering and executing queries), both for single table/object and master-detail. Triggers can be written to execute more complicated actions (e.g. external validation)

The main, or reference, Forms client is written in python, and has three main modes:

wxpython/wxWindows GNUe Forms client
Curses (text-only) GNUe Forms client
Native GTK2 GNUe Forms client


Release 0.5.3 (March 2004) available for download. Development work continues in CVS.

Other Forms Clients

Other Forms clients have been partially developed in the past, and some are still under development. In general, these will not have the full functionality of the main/reference implementation.

php GNUe Forms client
Bayonne GNUe Forms client


Screenshots of Forms are available.

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