GNUMP3d - The GNU Streaming MP3 / Media Server

GNUMP3d is a streaming server for MP3s, OGG vorbis files, movies and other media formats.

It is designed to be:

GNUMP3d v2.9.9.9 Released

The current stable release of GNUMP3d is v2.9.9.9, which was released upon the 11th of September 2006.

The current release features only a couple of small bugfixes - a complete list may be found in the ChangeLog file, and contributors are acknowleged in the Authors list.

The changes for this release are primarily cosmetic and minor.

Please find the archives on the download page.

Future Developments

All work on the 2.x.x versions of GNUMP3d have now ceased. In the future a new branch will be developed featuring less "home-grown" code, making use of the many available Perl modules.

This will make the core of the server smaller, easier to maintain, and less full of "issues".

The intention is to literally start from scratch using the modules which have appeared and matured in the four years since this project was started. That includes things like SQLite, DBI, HTML::Tempalte, etc.


I still welcome the contribution of code, documentation, or theme designs - not to mention items from my Amazon wishlist ;)

I owe a large part of the success of this project to the many suggestions, and patches from previous contributors, their feedback, updates, and support is appreciated very much.