About GNUsound is a multitrack sound editor for GNOME 1 and 2.
Download The current version is 0.7.4 (patches, older versions), which was released 6 July 2005. Packages are available for:
Debian, provided by Duck.
SuSE 9.2, provided by Toni.
Fedora Core 3, provided by Mario Mueller.
Fedora Core 4, provided by Mario Mueller.
Documentation Read the documentation for installation instructions, usage guide, and FAQs.
screenshot screenshot
0.7 0.7.4
Support Please send all questions and suggestions to the mailing list: <gnusound-common@lists.sf.net> (subscribe, archives).
See also GLADSPA audio plugins, SRC, libsndfile, LAME, FLAC, FFmpeg, gmerlin, JACK audio server, JackLab.
Devlog Ramblings, plans, and status reports in the development weblog.