GNUstep Applications

One of the reasons why GNUstep got started was the longing for the ease of programming and the ease of use which we feel is not available under other operating systems. However to take GNUstep out of the realm of programmers and make it more accessible to average users; there is a definite need to provide more standard applications.

GNUstep Applications List

This list is just getting started. If you are a developer, feel free to add your app to this list. You can also look at the list below.

Official GNUstep Applications

For questions and/or comments related to user applications please feel free to contact us on the GNUstep Discussion List.

Some applications can be downloaded from the gnustep ftp site (and mirrors) To upload a file, store the file at and send an email to!

GNUstep also has a decent set of example applications available.

The GNUstep Workspace

GWorkspace running on GNUstep

GWorkspace is the official GNUstep workspace manager. It is a clone of NeXT's workspace manager and already ready for daily usage.

GWorkspace is probably one of the most useful and usable workspace managers available on any platform, owing to its well-designed interface and the natural, consistent design that it inherits from the GNUstep framework.

Please see its homepage or the GWorkspace User Guide for more information.

GNUstep Mail Application

GNUMail running on GNUstep

GNUMail is the official GNUstep mail application. It is a clone of NeXT's

The current version of is already quite stable and rich in functionalities and will work well for a day-to-day MUA use. Check out the homepage of the project for a complete feature overview.

The official homepage is located here

Design Gallery

Please also visit our Design Gallery where you can get the first impression of the icons which will be used in the final applications. Also look at the GNUstep Icons project.

Other GNUstep Applications

There are already a bunch of GNUstep applications. Check out the list at or Freshmeat for a complete overview!

Some applications announced on the info-gnustep mailing list are:

sticky notes
CD writer - CD player available from same project
a graphical Unix command shell
IRC client
Preferences, Terminal and TextEdit
unreleased tools from Backbone
FTP, InnerSpace (screensaver), TimeMon, BatMon
GNUstep Application Project utilities
System Preferences
Date and Time, File System, Modifier Keys and Volumes, but the PreferencePanes framework is well documented
a Digitale Bibliothek reader
an image viewer
G√ľnther's RSS Reader
RSS Monitor
Romantic music player
Dict client
modular vector graphics editor and extensions
text editor from GNUstep Examples Package
astronomical image processor
simple editor for digital photos
image filtering and manipulation
Note editor and organiser
Integrated Development Environment
User Interface Designer
a programming editor
GNUstep's clone of FileMerge
the first GNUstep game
GNUstep's extended TicTacToe
Jigsaw Puzzle Simulator
NeXTGo, LapisPuzzle, Ladder
GNUstep Application Project software
Determine the hidden combination of four colors
Over 30 grid-based strategy games

Generally, applications which work on the current GNUstep release, have a homepage and are announced to info-gnustep are listed.

Misc Contributions

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