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8.2 Invoking gnutls-cli

Simple client program to set up a TLS connection to some other computer. It sets up a TLS connection and forwards data from the standard input to the secured socket and vice versa.

GNU TLS test client
Usage:  gnutls-cli [options] hostname

     -d, --debug integer      Enable debugging
     -r, --resume             Connect, establish a session. Connect
                              again and resume this session.
     -s, --starttls           Connect, establish a plain session and
                              start TLS when EOF or a SIGALRM is
     --crlf                   Send CR LF instead of LF.
     --x509fmtder             Use DER format for certificates to read
     -f, --fingerprint        Send the openpgp fingerprint, instead
                              of the key.
     --disable-extensions     Disable all the TLS extensions.
     --xml                    Print the certificate information in
                              XML format.
     --print-cert             Print the certificate in PEM format.
     -p, --port integer       The port to connect to.
     --recordsize integer     The maximum record size to advertize.
     -V, --verbose            More verbose output.
     --ciphers cipher1 cipher2...
                              Ciphers to enable.
     --protocols protocol1 protocol2...
                              Protocols to enable.
     --comp comp1 comp2...    Compression methods to enable.
     --macs mac1 mac2...      MACs to enable.
     --kx kx1 kx2...          Key exchange methods to enable.
     --ctypes certType1 certType2...
                              Certificate types to enable.
     --x509cafile FILE        Certificate file to use.
     --x509crlfile FILE       CRL file to use.
     --pgpkeyfile FILE        PGP Key file to use.
     --pgpkeyring FILE        PGP Key ring file to use.
     --pgptrustdb FILE        PGP trustdb file to use.
     --pgpcertfile FILE       PGP Public Key (certificate) file to
     --x509keyfile FILE       X.509 key file to use.
     --x509certfile FILE      X.509 Certificate file to use.
     --srpusername NAME       SRP username to use.
     --srppasswd PASSWD       SRP password to use.
     --insecure               Don't abort program if server
                              certificate can't be validated.
     -l, --list               Print a list of the supported
                              algorithms  and modes.
     -h, --help               prints this help
     -v, --version            prints the program's version number
     --copyright              prints the program's license