(cons 'guile 'gnome)

The guile-gnome project brings the power of Scheme to your graphical application. guile-gnome modules support the entire Gnome library stack: from Pango to GnomeCanvas, Gtk+ to GStreamer, Glade to GtkSourceView, you will find in guile-gnome a comprehensive environment for developing modern applications.

latest news

5 November 2006: Move to bzr, bumped g-wrap dependency

guile-gnome has moved to Bazaar as its versioning control system. It's easier for us, and probably easier for you too. See the developer's page for more information on how to build guile-gnome. Also note that we have bumped our dependency on G-Wrap to an as-yet-unreleased version, and removed the dependency on SLIB. Again, the developer's page has all the details.

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