(guile gtk)

(cons 'guile 'gtk)

The guile-gtk project brings the power of Scheme to your graphical application. guile-gtk wraps Gtk+ 2.0 and up.

Those interested in Gnome and a possibly fuller set of Gtk bindings can check the Guile-Gnome project.


23 December 2006: Version 2.0 released.

Major revision, now wrapping the Gtk 2 series (such as current Gtk 2.8). Download now!

10 June 2006: Version 0.5 released.

Guile 1.8 support, some bug fixes (including pixmap gc).

2 April 2005: Version 0.41 released.

Bug fixes.

28 December 2004: Versions 0.40 released.

This is the first release as an official GNU project. Highlights from the previous 0.31 release include GdkPixbuf, Glade and GtkGLArea support, and now more or less complete Gdk level bindings.

11 September 2003: We are now GNU.

The guile-gtk project is now part of the GNU Project, and lots of details have changed because of this. The homepage has moved and we have a new mailing list, for example.

31 July 2003: Site Update

Lots of news. The GNOME 2 track of development is back on track, and developments are also proceeding on the Gtk+ 1.2 track. And of course, the web site has gotten a much-needed overhaul. Scheme hackers, rejoice!