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Places where you can find Guile stuff.

Lumpy Guile
is a collection of Guilecentric code, documents and other stuff [see also: nepotism].

Please let us know if you have other resources that should be listed here.

General resources for the Scheme programming language.

The Revised^5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme
is the current Scheme standard. Guile isn't totally compliant yet.
Revised^4 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme
is the previous standard. Guile is closer to this one.
The Scheme Repository
is a good source of links, code, and documentation for scheme.
is more of the same.
Scheme home page
at Mit. Not quite as extensive as the Scheme Repository or
The Scheme Request For Implementation site
contains proposals for a number of Scheme extensions. Many of these tend to exist in one form or the other in a lot of the different Schemes, but can have wildly different interfaces. The SRFI process is essentially aimed at making these non-standard features more standard, without actually being standard [see also: obfuscated].
Greg Badros' Scheme Lecture Notes
are, as the title implies, a set of slides that touch on a variety of subjects related to scheme programing, including samples of similar code written in c and scheme, lambda calculus, and lists.

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