Downloading GNU HaliFAX...

...from FTP

GNU HaliFAX can be downloaded from your favorite GNU ftp mirror, under the /gnu/halifax subdirectory. Please refer to the list mentionned at to find one located near you.

...from CVS

To download GNU HaliFAX from CVS, issues those two commands:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co [module]

Note that only ghfaxviewer is available from CVS. GFax will be uploaded soon. Note also that in order to download a specific version, you can add "-r [revision]" to your cvs checkout command-line. The revision notation scheme is r[M]_[m]_[r] where "M" is the major revision number, "m" is for the minor and "r" for the revision. For example, you could type this to download version 0.22.0 of the ghfaxviewer:

cvs -z3 -r r0_22_0 co ghfaxviewer

More informations about CVS are available on the HaliFAX's CVS Savannah page

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