Explaining the GNU HaliFAX modules

The GNU HaliFAX Sender

This is the module of HaliFAX that helps you graphically sending faxes. It requires the GNOME core libraries as well as libglade in order to run. Currently, it needs the sendfax utilities of HylaFAX or mgetty+sendfax to work. This limitation will be removed in the future when the Transport library will be written.

For ease of use, it includes a wrapper around the lpr command which makes it possible to send faxes from common applications such as GNU Emacs, Abiword or any application which supports printing. As of the version 0.28 of the GNOME print library, there is a backend which supports it.

The GNU HaliFAX Viewer

This program was originally written to provide a free software easy-to-use and powerful fax viewer for the GNU system. There is a program coming with mgetty+sendfax called "viewfax". It is very fast but is not easy-to-use and it is not able to print.

This Viewer, besides the characteristics mentionned above, is able to run in a GTK+-only environment, even with its Windows port. However, it is best experienced with GNOME 1.4, the GNU project's desktop.

Currently planned features are: modularity, notably through an independent fax image library which will support the most common fax formats, and the ability to retrieve fax files independently from the network or the local disks. This latest functionality will be provided through the Transport library and a few GTK+ widgets that are currently being written.

More to come...

Since this project has not even reached version 1.0, not every components have been written yet. Check out this website from time to time to keep you informed!

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