GNU Compact Disc Input and Control Library Download Info

Although we don't provide pre-compiled binary packages (just source code), many others do package libcdio; we are most grateful that they do so.

source-code Source code ready for uncompress, untar, and configure, and compile
Fedora Core Extras Fedora Core RPMs for GNU/Linux. Run: yum install libcdio or apt-get install libcdio
Packman links2linux Packman Links2linux RPMs for GNU/Linux.
SuSE Professional RPMs are part of SuSE Professional GNU/Linux
Debian Debian GNU/Linux. Run apt-get install libcdio
Gentoo Gentoo Portage GNU/Linux. Run something like: emerge -C libcdio
FreeBSD FreeBSD (freshports). Run: pkg_add -r libcdio
Mac OSX Run: sudo port install libcdio after darwinports has been installed
Solaris 10 x86 Solaris 10 x86 (Courtesy of Apostolos Syropoulos)
Mac OSX Mac OSX via Fink distribution
For the other operating systems supported, I know of no precompiled binaries. You will have to get the source code for libcdio and its required libraries and build them yourself:

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