mifluz-0.23 is available 23 July 2001
  • Bug fixes in mifluzsearch restricted queries (-l and -h) and more regression tests.
  • Manual page for mifluzsearch.
  • Synchronize with unac-1.5.0.
  • Use AM_ICONV macro to prevent compilation warnings.
  • Minor distribution fixes.

mifluz-0.22 is available 2 July 2001
  • Implement result cache for mifluzsearch. The results are stored in /var/cache/mifluz for a given amount of time and re-used when possible. If the search only asked for 10 documents, only those are cached. When the search asks for more, the cache is filled accordingly. The cache is a single Berkeley DB file with subdatabases. It can be dumped using htdb_dump.
  • Fix mifluzsearch bug that prevented searching indexes where the document did not start immediately after the word.
  • Fix mifluzsearch bug that ignored mandatory words that do not exist in the index.
  • Synchronize with unac-1.4.0
  • Removed obsolete benchmark results