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Oleo has for a long time been GNU's spreadsheet. Now there's not only Oleo but also Gnumeric, the GNOME spreadsheet. Gnumeric is a full featured spreadsheet, aiming to compete with commercial applications, and well integrated with GNOME. Oleo is a light-weight spreadsheet that'll work in almost any environment.

Oleo features a curses based interface (character mode), but also a LessTif (Motif) based graphical user interface. A screenshot of the Motif GUI is here (11K png file).

The current development release of oleo is 1.99.16 . All the GNU mirrors should pick it up.

We're working on an upcoming Oleo 2.0 release. The current snapshots already implement the following 2.0 features :

Details about recent changes are available in the ChangeLog file. There is a manually updated version of ChangeLog here, you can get the latest version from CVSWEB using a URL like http://subversions.gnu.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/~checkout~/oleo/ChangeLog?rev=1.150 but then you need to know the latest version number (1.150 at the time I write this).

The Oleo documentation is now also available online.

Intermediate versions are available through anonymous CVS, and their source can be browsed online through the cvs-web interface. The complete sources to Oleo are in the GNU CVS server at subversions.gnu.org. You can read more about this on http://www.gnu.org/software/devel.html .

This mailing list concern oleo :

The GNU mailing lists maintain archives of the messages sent to it. The archives can be queried by E-mails whose subject starts with the word archive. By sending a message with subject archive help to bug-oleo-request@gnu.org you will ask the server to send you a message with instructions for working with the archive server.

We recommend that you also send a message with the subject archive ls latest as "latest" is the name of a directory.

Our TODO and ChangeLog files are now web-accessible : TODO , ChangeLog .

Please note that LessTif is a freely available replacement for OSF/Motif. LessTif is licensed by the GNU LGPL and can be obtained from www.lesstif.org.

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