Actions plan
Documentation : concept's documentation English/French (external communication, XML DTD)
System : Views synchronized (multi-views document)
Project management : PERT continuation (dates, placement rules, tree structure)
Project management : GANTT continuation (horizontal scrollbar, dnd)
Project management : resources
Publishing : editor, csv import, gnumeric
System : clipboard, macro
Groupware : contacts, workflow, sourceforge, narval
Back-ends : cron, octave and perl

Palette with differents styles (floating windows, docked pages)
Multi-views : action (Guile) -> database (SQL) -> views (GTK+)

Undo-Redo history
First version of dtags : documentation generator between Exuberant Ctags and xsltproc

Guile integration.

First version of getxml : tool for XML internationnalization

TeX integration.
Add the etabliste. The etabliste is similar to the bench, but used exclusively for lists.
Several lists, trees and icon lists are planned.
Adding customized faces.

Adding functions.
Adding the tree plug-in.

GANTT diagram editor.

PERT diagram editor.
Exporting to csv and SQL console reintroduced
Reworking plug-in parameters system

SQL engine integration (3 in td_id_sibling ? zarb !)
Reworking customization system

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