getxml-1.0.4.tar.gz [156 kb] : XML file internationalization | FTP | HTTP |
dtags-1.0.1.tar.gz [183 kb] : tags extractor for documentation | FTP | HTTP |
ToutDoux-1.2.7.tar.gz [1 294 kb] : project management | FTP | HTTP |

Directories site of the GNU project site mirror list of the GNU project

Add the toutdoux packages location to APT configuration '/etc/apt/sources.list'
HTTP location : deb ./
$ susuperuser login
# apt-get updateupdate the APT locale database
# apt-get install getxml'getxml' package installation
# apt-get install dtags'dtags' package installation
# exitsuperuser logout

The source code tree is hosted on the Free Software Fondation CVS server.
You can get it here (no password needed):
$ cvs loginconnection
$ cvs -z3 co -P toutdouxdownload
$ ./autogen.shcompilation scripts generation
$ makecompilation
You can get it here with developer acces:
$ export CVS_RSH=sshssh for secured shell
$ cvs -z3 co -P toutdouxdownload
$ ./autogen.shcompilation scripts generation
$ makecompilation

glib-1.2.1infrastructure (C utility)
gtk+-1.2.1X Window and widgets
gdk-pixbuf-0.9.0image file manipulation
libxml-1.8.11XML file manipulation
getxml-1.0.3XML file internationalization
sed-3.02text processor

SQL back-end requirements
postgresql-7.0.1database management system
postgresql-server-7.0.1database management system
postgresql-devel-7.0.1database management system

Optional components
jade-1.2.1DSSSL processor
cygnus-stylesheets-0.13-4collection of stylesheets (SGML/Docbook)
exuberant-ctags-5.0.1tags extractor
dtags-1.0.1tags extractor for documentation
wget-1.5.3remote file retrieval (HTTP-FTP)
gtk-doc-0.4documentation generator (deprecated)
tetex-1.0.2text formatting
gv-3.5.8PostScript reader
gnome-gv-0.95PostScript reader
hopla-1.0.2link XML-SQL (standby)

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Realised with GNU Emacs, The GIMP, xsltproc, GNU Make, gettext, getxml.
Icons of GISR (Gnome Icon Status Report) with the famous inspiration of Tigert (Tuomas Kuosmanen).
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