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XMLRPC Implementation for Oberon

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XMLRPC is a remote procedure call protocol that uses HTTP for transport and XML for encoding. It is simpler to use than SOAP. This implementation works with the Aos (BlueBottle) version of Oberon. It has been tested with WinAosOberon.

Maintainer: John Drake

Requirements: Aos Oberon

Installation and usage

1. Download the archives.

2. Extract the files.

3. Compile the files XMLRPC.Mod and TestXMLRPC.Mod. To see examples use the commands TestXMLRPC.Test1 and TestXMLRPC.Test2

XMLRPC currently exports 3 object types. 1) Client 2) Method 3) Parameters. To use XMLRPC in your own code requires the following steps:

  1. Create a client object passing it the URL of the XMLRPC server.   
    NEW(client, "http://server-url")

  2. Create a method object, passing it the method you wish to call.  
    NEW(method, "module.method")

  3. Create a parameter object. Add each parameter to be passed.  
    NEW(params); params.AddInt(int1); params.AddInt(int2);

  4. Pass the parameter object to the method object.  

  5. Call the client, passing the method object to it. Results returned in a DynamString  
    resultstring := client.Call(method);

Note: I'm releasing this package early in the hopes that others will join in the development. There are some obvious improvements to make.

If you want to help, please email me.

Version log

27 June 2003 - First public release
1 July 2003 - Minor change to client. Inceased efficiency

27 June 2003 - Copyright © 2002 ETH Zürich. All rights reserved.
E-Mail: oberon-web at inf.ethz.ch
Homepage: http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/