Multipart MIME archive builder


This page describes a small module which builds a multipart MIME archive with a structure conforming to RFC 1341 available at

Encoding is by Base64.Encode which is distributed with PC Native Oberon. MimeArchive.Mod should work in any Oberon from the ETH.

Didactic value: procedures are defined local to a procedure.

Error reports and complaints can be sent to me.


Installation and Use

  1. Get the source code.
  2. Decide what files you want included in the archive. As a special case the archive may contain a single file.
  3. Edit the file names assigned to constants in the source code.
  4. Add or delete invocations of the WriteTextPart procedure in the body of the module in accordance with 2.
  5. Compile.
  6. Execute "MimeArchive.Build".


RFC 1341 specifies "quoted-printable" encoding in addition to base64. Quoted-printable encoding is not currently available in Oberon. If someone writes a QuotedPrintable.Mod please contribute it.