cLIeNUX Never-Asked Questions

I've spent thousands of hours in EFnet Internet Relay Chat's #linux
channel. Many of the questions that come up in there don't come up in
cLIeNUX, particularly some of the very basic questions. Many questions
arise in cLIeNUX that don't in bigger distros, of course, some of which
cLIeNUX has no useful response to yet, but here's a few that definitely
don't ever happen to cLIeNUX Core users. cLIeNUX true NAQs...

	How do I turn off sendmail?

	How do I turn off [telnetd/ftpd/httpd...] ?

	Is there a way to get into Linux without re-installing if I forgot
		the root password?

	I ran configure and it says "no C compiler". ???

	How do I get out of vi?

	How do I get out of emacs?

	Is there a simple webbrowser that doesn't crash all the time?

	How do I get this guy off my box?

	Where are the logs?

Here's a few that won't happen to a cLIeNUX Core user that just follows
along with the suggestions in the login prompt, runs "tour" or "guide",
and so on...

	How can I see how much disk I have left?
	How do I rename a file?

	Anyone have a multiple rename script?

	How do I make a counted loop in sh?

	Why is Linux using up all my RAM?


Here's a few very common questions that could happen to a cLIeNUX user,
but probably won't, or the answer is nearby in cLIeNUX when the question

	What's LI mean?

	What's "VFS: unable to mount root fs on 03:03" ???

	Can somebody help me?

	Is Stallman a communist?

	What folder is my internet in?

	How do I run a .c script?


	rtfm. rtfm. Right. WTF is rtfm???

	*leetnik*!*[banned] (Congrats. You got the attention you wanted.) 

Unlike some "FAQ"s, I didn't make these questions up to fit "answers" I
want to tell you. IRC defies the imagination. If you're in cLIeNUX and you
got your net connection configured and up, do
	irc leetnik

and you'll see. Don't feed the trolls. Do feed the lemurs.

[colorg] leetnik: edit ~/.ircrc
[leetnik] color um, edit?
[colorg] leetnik: Try this at the shell prompt... 
[leetnik] colrg shell? This MY cLIeNUX box dood 
[colorg] leetnik: the blue and orange 2-line thing that says cLIeNUX... 
[leetnik] oh. hehe
[colorg]      edit /owner/.ircrc


Copyright 2000  Rick Hohensee
All releases righted.

NAQ. Patent Applied For.  ( just kidding :o)